Words associated to personality types and traits.

These are words, adjectives, qualities, and nicknames commonly associated with people who bare the given trait or type according to each personality typology model. This is a very simple way to have a general idea of what these traits and types represent.


    • High in Openness: Inventive, curious, inquisitive, appreciation for art, emotional, adventurer, unusual ideas, curiosity, variety of experience, unpredictable, lack of focus, self-actualization,
    • Low in Openness: consistent, cautious, Non-Curious, perseverance, pragmatic, data-driven, dogmatic, closed-minded,
    • High in Conscientiousness: efficient, organized, organized, dependable, self-discipline, dutiful, aim for achievement, planned, stubborn, focused,
    • Low in Conscientiousness: unstructured, easy-going/careless, flexibility, spontaneity, sloppiness, lack of reliability,
    • High in Extraversion: social, outgoing, energetic, surgency, assertiveness, sociability, talkativeness, attention-seeking, domineering,
    • Low in Extraversion: reserved, solitary, reflective, aloof, self-absorbed,
    • High in Agreeableness: accommodating, friendly, compassionate, cooperative, trusting, helpful, well tempered,
    • Low in Agreeableness: egocentric, challenging, detached, suspicious, antagonistic, competitive, challenging, argumentative, untrustworthy,
    • High in Neuroticism: limbic, sensitive, nervous, psychological stress, unpleasant emotions, anger, anxiety, depression, vulnerability, emotional instability,
    • Low in Neuroticism: calm, secure, confident, stable, uninspiring, unconcerned,

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1 – Reformer, Rational, Idealistic, Principled, Purposeful, Self-Controlled, Perfectionistic,
2 – Helper, Giver, Caring, Interpersonal, Demonstrative, Generous, People-Pleasing, Possessive,
3 – Achiever, Performer, Success-Oriented, Pragmatic, Adaptive, Excelling, Driven, Image-Conscious,
4 – Individualist, Romantic, Sensitive, Withdrawn, Expressive, Dramatic, Self-Absorbed, Temperamental,
5 – Investigator, Observer, Intense, Cerebral, Perceptive, Innovative, Secretive, Isolated,
6 – Loyalist, The Skeptic, Committed, Security-Oriented, Engaging, Responsible, Anxious, Suspicious,
7 – Enthusiast, The Epicure, The Busy, Fun-Loving, Spontaneous, Versatile, Distractible, Scattered,
8 – Challenger, Protector, Powerful, Dominating, Self-Confident, Decisive, Willful, Confrontational,
9 – Peacemaker, Mediator, Easygoing, Self-Effacing, Receptive, Reassuring, Agreeable, Complacent,

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    • ISTJ – Introvert, Sensorial, Thinker, Judger, Inspector, Logistician
    • ISFJ – Introvert, Sensorial, Feeler, Judger, Protector, Defender
    • INFJ – Introvert, Intuitive, Feeler, Judger, Counselor, Advocate, Humanist
    • INTJ – Introvert, Intuitive, Thinker, Judger, Mastermind, Architect, Analyst
    • ISTP – Introvert, Sensorial, Thinker, Perceptive, Crafter, Virtuous
    • ISFP – Introvert, Sensorial, Feeler, Perceptive, Composer, Adventurer
    • INFP – Introvert, Intuitive, Feeler, Perceptive, Healed, Mediator
    • INTP – Introvert, Intuitive, Thinker, Perceptive, Architect, Logician, Critic
    • ESTP – Extravert, Sensorial, Thinker, Perceptive, Promoter, Entrepreneur
    • ESFP – Extravert, Sensorial, Feeler, Perceptive, Performer, Entertainer
    • ENFP – Extravert, Intuitive, Feeler, Perceptive, Champion, Campaigner, Networker
    • ENTP – Extravert, Intuitive, Thinker, Perceptive, Inventor, Debater
    • ESTJ – Extravert, Sensorial, Thinker, Judger, Supervisor, Executive
    • ESFJ – Extravert, Sensorial, Feeler, Judger, Provider, Consul, Caregiver
    • ENFJ – Extravert, Intuitive, Feeler, Judger, Teacher, Protagonist
    • ENTJ – Extravert, Intuitive, Thinker, Judger, Fieldmarshal, Commander

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    • ILE – Intuitive, Logical, Extravert, The Finder, Dom Quixote, Innovator, Seeker, Generator, Alpha Quadra, Judicious, Merry
    • SLE – Sensory, Logical, Extravert, Marshal, Zhukov, Commander, Leader, Realist, Warrior, Legionary, Beta Quadra, Decisive, Merry
    • SEE – Sensory, Ethical, Extravert, Politician, Napoleon, Harold, Lolita, Lord, Gamma Quadra, Decisive, Serious
    • IEE – Intuitive, Ethical Extravert, Counselor, Huxley, Tom Sawyer, Inspirer, Initiator, Enthusiast, Communicator, Delta Quadra, Judicious, Serious
    • SEI – Sensory, Ethical, Introvert, Mediator, Dumas, Porthos, Sweetheart, Brownie, Alpha Quadra, Judicious, Merry
    • IEI – Intuitive, Ethical, Introvert, Lyricist, Yesenin, Lensky, Gonna, Lyricist, Peacemaker, Dreamer, Beta Quadra, Decisive, Merry
    • ILI – Critic, Balzac, Gorio, Miss Marple, Encyclopedist, Planner, Gamma Quadra, Decisive, Serious
    • SLI – Sensory, Logical, Introvert, Master, Jean Gabin, Huck Finn, Master, Craftsman, Designer, Delta Quadra, Judicious, Serious
    • ESE – Ethical, Sensori, Extravert, Enthusiast, Hugo, Aramis, Communicator, Frantic, Player, Alpha Quadra, Judicious, Merry
    • EIE – Ethical, Intuitive, Extravert, Mentor, Hamlet, Margarita, Artists, Ideologists, Beta Quadra, Decisive, Merry
    • LIE – Logical, Intuitive, Extravert, Entrepreneur, Jack London, Robin Hood, Scarlett, Experimenter, Selfmademan, Gamma Quadra, Decisive, Serious
    • LSE – Logical, Sensory, Extravert, Administrator, Stirlitz, Holmes, Mary Poppins, Manager, Professional, Researcher, Operator, Delta Quadra, Judicious, Serious
    • LII – Logical, Intuitive, Introvert, Analyst, Robespierre, Athos, Vera Pavlovna, Prospector, Sophist, Alpha Quadra, Judicious, Merry
    • LSI – Logical, Sensory, Introvert, Inspector, Maksim Gorky, Malvina, Inspector, Systematic, Master, Mechanic, Beta Quadra, Decisive, Merry
    • ESI – Ethical, Sensory, Introvert, The Keeper, Dreiser, Clyde, Gerda, Canonik, Guardian, Gamma Quadra, Decisive, Serious
    • EII – Ethical, Intuitive, Introvert, Humanist, Dostoyevsky, Watson, Cinderella, Humanist, Psychologist, Delta Quadra, Judicious, Serious

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    • D – Dominance, Direct, Strong-Willed, Forceful, Fast-Paced, Skeptical
    • I – Influence, Sociable, Talkative, Lively, Fast-Paced, Accepting
    • S – Steadiness, Gentle, Accommodating, Soft-Hearted, Moderate-Paced, Accepting
    • C – Conscientiousness, Private, Analytical, Logical, Moderate-Paced, Skeptical

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    • Xango: Willing, Energetic, Haughty, Angry, Uncontrollable, Harsh, Benevolent, Just, Agile, Conquering, Strong Personality, Imposing, Serious, Responsible, Impartial, Discreet, Reserved, Organized, Affectionate, Irritable, Dictators, Honest, Patient, Talkative Charming, Sexy, Hardworking, Calm, Thoughtful, Dreamers, Gullible, Good Appraisers, Emphatic, Hard, Proud, Arrogant, Stubborn, Aggressive, Cruel, Intelligent, Creative, Egocentric, Jealous, Authoritarian, Balanced Leaders, Austere, Obstinate, Friendly, Talkative, Vain, Envious, Ambitious, Strong, Bursting, Greedy, Seductive, Coherent, Jealous, Brave, Greedy, Playful, Self-confident, Persevering.
    • Yemanja: Willing, Strong, Righteous, Maternal, Obstinate, Productive, Uncompromising, Adaptive, Protective, Passionate, Brave, Arrogant, Counselors, Sensitive, Conversational, Generous, Considerate, Possessive, Intrusive, Dramatic, Sensual, Discreet, Flexible, Patient, Willful, Determined, Calculating, Quarrelsome, Whining, Tormented, Sly, Spiteful, Independent, Creative, Shy, Cautious, Fraternal, Sensitive, Cautious, Wise, Serious, Passionate, Brave, Nervous, Honest, Rigorous, Organized, Unstable, Irritable, Treacherous, Enterprising, Active, Sovereign, Serene, Suspicious, Vain, Needy, Emotional, Imposing, Majestic, Beautiful, Fruitful, Protective, Impetuous, Dignified, Calm, Closed, Helpful, Jealous, Aggressive.
    • Oxalá: Reliable, Respectable, Reserved, Willpower, Lunatic, Vigilante, Quarrelsome, Agitated, Liars, Organized, Cold, Intelligent, Arrogant, Sensitive, Intuitive, Authoritarian, Indulgent, Grouchy, Resigned, Responsible, Reliable, Dedicated, Capricious, Caring, Generous, Thorough, Curious, Excellent Parents, Angry, Grumpy, Quiet, Balanced, Tender, Impatient, Slow, Slow, Meticulous, Reactionary, Methodical, Exclusivist, Egocentric, Jealous, Perfectionists, Fickle, Kindly Serene, Helpful, Patient, Wise, Distant, Closed, Gentle, Altruistic, Creative, Perfected, Controlled, Stubborn, Oppositional, Self-aggressive Tendencies
    • Oxaguiã: Modern, Jovial, Popular, Sexy, Cheerful, Friendly, Outgoing, Proud, Talkative, Brave, Combative, Genius, Intuitive, Unstable, Romantic, Idealistic, Jealous, Creative, Generous, Intelligent, Wise, Just, Slow, Bossy, Stubborn, Violent, Fierce, Fragile, Delicate, Faithful, Individualistic, Altruistic, Playful
    • Oxalufã: Calm, Thoughtful, Observant, Grouchy, Discreet, Reserved, Organized, Capricious, Systematic, Stubborn, Conservative, Nostalgic, Authoritarian, Sweet, Walk And Talk Slowly, Old, Contemplative, Friendly, Friendly, Fraternal, Responsible
    • Iansan: Audacious, Powerful, Authoritarian, Impulsive, Passionate, Brave, Sensual, Effusive, Outgoing, Sincere, Outspoken, Outspoken, Clear, Bold, Warlike, Hardworking, Possessive, Explosive, Calm, Temperamental, Fickle, Sentimental, Jealous, Cheerful, Strong, Quarrelsome, Intense, Extremist, Restless, Dynamic, Eccentric, Bold, Stubborn, Naughty, Impatient, Angry, Intellectualized, Aggressive, Domineering, Resolute, Persuasive, Intelligent, Intriguing, Vain, Modest, Intuitive, Independent, Active, Optimistic, Nervous, Beautiful, Methodical, Rude, Loud, Talkative, Insensitive, Supportive, Charismatic
    • Oxum: Graceful, Elegant, Quiet, Generous, Controlled, Resilient, Docile, Gentle, Short Tempered, Quarrelsome, Envious, Gossipy, Competitive, Fair, Sensitive, Caring, Calm, Diplomats, Kind, Slow, Lazy, Slow, Strong Personality, Fighters, Vain, Grumpy And Austere, Emotional, Disgusting, Honest, Devoted, Hate To Be Contradicted, Delicate, Fickle, Unfaithful, Futile, Ambitious, Serene, Intuitive, Observant, Suspicious, Undecided, Vindictive, Obstinate, Partying, Narcissistic, Needy, Intelligent, Sexy, Attractive, Fickle, Cheerful, Naughty, Innocent, Lovely, Captivating, Loving, Thorough, Stable, Intellectual, Seductive, Flirtatious, Manipulative, Voluptuous, Fake, Charming, Beautiful
    • Oxóssi: Smart, Quick, Alert, Responsible, Not Standing Still, Generous, Independent, Sociable, Cheerful, Playful, Arrogant, Proud, Eccentric, Understanding, Individualistic, Selfish, Restless, Hyperactive, Quick Thinking, Determined, Sensitive, Emotional, Sincere Curious, Unstable, Hospitable, Romantic, Affectionate, Passionate, Lovely, Docile, Polite, Serene, Calm, Counselors, Selfless, Selfless, Honest, Fickle, Gracious, Intelligent, Observant, Methodical, Discreet, Faithful, Reserved, Shy, Affectionate Prudent, Aggressive, Exaggerated, Demanding, Tense, Skillful, Contemplative, Conservative, Creative, Playful, Devoted, Temperamental And Petulant, Lonely, Shaky, Cunning, Lovely, Nature Lovers, Subtle, Overbearing, Suspicious, Cautious, Attentive, Introvert, Vain, Distracted, Helpful, Willing, Strong, Strict, Protective, Proud
    • Ogum: Impulsive, Not Forgiving, Changeable Mood, Brash, Creative, Restless, Strong Personality, Impatient, Practical, Restless, Passionate And Dynamic, Uncompromising, Outgoing, Hardworking, Tough, Vain And Conquering, Consistent, Passionate, Explosive, Obstinate, Stubborn Friends, Determined, Competitive, Dynamic, Grumpy, Obnoxious, Straightforward, Outspoken, Arrogant, Self-reliant, Aggressive, Funny, Independent, Individualistic, Strategists, Strong, Hardy, Warriors, Supportive, Cold, Manly, Sexist, Sincere, Loyal, Intolerant, Difficult Genius, Ambitious, Disciplined, Intelligent, Leaders, Struggling, Selfish, Unpleasant, Cheerful
    • Nana: Calm, Benevolent, Dignified, Kind, Safe, Majestic, Wise, Just, Serious, Discreet, Closed, Sweet, Mature, Spiteful, Quiet, Impatient, Resigned, Activists, Workers, Possessive, Exclusivists, Grumpy, Shy, Serene, Tolerant, Severe, Rigid, Balanced, Kind, Introspective, Concentrated, Introvert, Slow, Understanding, Sensitive, Docile, Austere, Grouchy, Vengeful, Foolish, Grouchy, Grumpy, Asexual, Stubborn, Determined, Friendly
    • Obaluaiê / Omolu: Masochists, Restless, Serious, Low Self-esteem, Negative, Suspicious, Helpful, Detached, Sensitive, Counselors, Simple, Complainers, Teasing, Reserved, Calm, Quiet, Dissatisfied, Ambitious, Introvert, Sullen, Silent, Closed, Change Humor, Prefer Isolation, Sentimental, Negative, Balanced, Cautious, Cold, Rational, Reserved, Depressed, Sincere, Grumpy, Honest, Vindictive, Bitter, Clumsy, Self-destructive, Melancholic, True, Strong, Pessimistic, Depressed, Sweet, Slow, Demanding, Repressed, Joyful, Persevering, Patient, Loving, Faithful, Vain, Jealous, Unpretentious, Grumpy, Devoted, Friend, Ironic, Dry And Forthright, Stubborn, Tense, Wise, Isolated, Serious, Mysterious, Discreet, Stocky, Spontaneous, Sulky, Lonely, Aggressive, Anxious, Positive, Decisive
    • Obá: Brave, Feminist, Jealous, Hardworking, Dedicated, Brave, Strong, Stern, Harsh, Sensitive, Ignorant, Discreet, Possessive, Generous, Independent, Naive, Trustworthy, Helpful, Reserved, Hard, Inflexible, Crude, Rude, Complex Of Inferiority, Fighters, Brave, Naive, Determined, Honest, Strong, Faithful, Hardworking, Melancholy, Unhappy, Warriors, Naive, Complainers, Persistent, Influential, Resigned, Focused, Sincere, Militant, Aggressive Attitudes
    • Ossaim: Balanced, Controlled, Reserved, Closed, Discreet, Reclusive, Intelligent, Suspicious, Calm, Shy, Trustworthy, Patient, Strong-hearted, Articulate, Cunning, Observant, Manipulative, Kind, Generous, Charitable, Introvert, Has Relationship Difficulties, Rational, Friends, Mysterious, Analytical, Studious, Humanitarian, Responsible, Attractive, Ambiguous, Lonely, Researchers, Curious, Didactic, Detached, Vengeful, Sly, Shy, Cold, Funny, Laughing, Cheerful, Obstinate, Violent, Dangerous, Dissatisfied, Angry
    • Oxumaré: Patients, Persevering, Double-minded, Proud, Pompous, Generous, Easygoing, Determined, Materialistic, Discreet, Hardworking, Obstinate, Fierce, Suspicious, Ironic, Mocking, Curious, Talkative, Partying, Relaxed, Amused, Restless, Tense, Energetic, Demanding, Cunning, Eloquent, Skilled, Dual, Beautiful, Hidden, Careful, Irritable, Indecisive, Opportunistic, Impatient, Fickle, Seductive, Contemptuous, Uncertain, Exhibitionist, Selfless, False, Perverse, Changeable
    • Ibejis: Cheerful, Agitated, Naive, Spontaneous, Sincere, Childish, Extremists, Needy, Jealous, Friends, Companions, Warriors, Communicative, Pleasant, Funny, Friendly, Conquerors, Gossips, Vengeful, Treacherous, Helpful, Diplomats, Calculators, Self-interested, Quarrelsome, Jovial, Playful, Stubborn, Creative, Fanciful, Sensitive, Smiling, Restless, Possessive, Generous, Selfless, Sincere, Just, Spoiled, Dedicated, Demanding, Responsible, Curious, Inconsequential, Obstinate, Optimistic, Smart, Hardworking, Immature, Boisterous, Voracious
    • Exu: Ambivalent, Malicious, Deceptive, Vain, Proud, Reserved, Capricious, Kind, Loving, Gentle, Arrogant, Arrogant, Brawling, Dependent, Displayed, Egocentric, Discreet, Controlling, Playful, Aggressive, Brave, Intelligent, Critical, Understanding, Brave, Smart, Cunning, Restless, Outspoken, Outspoken, Self-centered, Sly, Ambiguous, Dangerous, Quarrelsome, Greedy, Immature, Intriguing, Mocking, Funny, Cheerful, Smiling, Ambitious, Outgoing, Attentive, Dynamic, Communicative, Ironic, Shrewd, Sensual, Persuasive, Subtle, Helpful, Squander Vitality, Impulsive, Vengeful, Enigmatic, Creative, Soothing, Sociable
    • Logunedé: Sovereign, Respectable, Intelligent, Fair, Brash, Transparent, Teasing, Grumpy, Grumpy, Reserved, Mysterious, Vengeful, Adamant, Narcissistic, Vain, Beautiful, Cautious, Objective, Secure, Proud, Arrogant, Arrogant, Bossy, Egocentric
    • Iroko: Eloquent, Jealous, Comrades, Intelligent, Competent, Stubborn, Generous

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