Description of DISC trait for Steadiness (S)

People with strong S-tendency have as their most known traits being kindhearted, thoughtful, and agreeable. Steadiness are one of the most common personality types from the DISC model. As the name suggests, they are fearful of changes because of the challenges they might end up bringing, wishing to keep everything they are already used to and know how to deal with.

S-style people’s need for constancy and stability makes them likely to be more involved with a small number of people and tasks, which they would become attached to as time goes by, seeing themselves as someone fragile, both when facing unexpected situations and for relationships. Also, because they are more likely to feel hurt and get offended when criticized, they try to be cordial to everyone around them, avoiding failure at any coast and carefully conducting their tasks with patience and perfectionism.

As improvising is one of the hardest tasks for “Stables,” they like to “stick to what they know,” and that includes following a strict routine and not minding repetitive activities. The fact they are so affected by changes and by people around them can be very limiting sometimes, making them seen as hesitating and shy. Although, there are also other facts about the way they interact with others that can make them seen that way, such as a tendency to listen more than speak, a preference for one-on-one conversations, being more reserved, introverted agreeable.

The fact they can work with a more strict routine makes S-profiles usually good employees and easy to deal with. They would do whatever they can to avoid getting in trouble or upsetting their colleagues. In a group, they would prioritize collaboration and harmony, being supportive and joyful to please their leaders. If they get to become the leader of a group, though, they would focus on agreements, making sure to maintain organization and stability.

S-style people also tend to be loyal, reliable, passionate about groups they have close ties with, and very considerate to other people’s feelings. As a calm, discreet personality, they’ll be good neighbors, helpful and good friends, being people who like to build trust.

S-profiles despise unrighteousness and unfairness. While talking, they’ll try to make sure every information given by them is correct, and even though they are hesitant to make decisions, they speak directly. Their biggest motivations are to feel helpful and receive sincere, positive appraisal, and feedback.

It must be taken into account each of the four main personalities described in the DISC theory tends to be prevailing on each individual; most people would have characteristics from more than one of those. The commercial tests of DISC offer four styles in scale, allowing the existence of different personality types in between, resulting in more than only four variations.


By: Regina Burde- “Someone who likes to explore human behavior, be it through the perspective of arts or science.”




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