High in Neuroticism (Limbic/Sensitive/Nervous)

People classified as high in Neuroticism, also called emotional instability, tend to be more anxious, vulnerable, and stressed. According to Jordan B Peterson[1], this trait is connected to negativity, propensity to suffer always when facing riskiness. Neuroticism can also be divided into two different categories, which are Withdrawal and Volatility. While withdrawal is related to the inability to act in situations of distress, Volatility is related to irritability.

Neuroticism was reported by Kendra Cherry[2] to be related to sadness, exaggerated worry over unimportant things, tendency to feel upset more often, and have a harder time recovering from moments of distress. Christopher J. Soto[3] described this trait as less likely to experience emotional comfort, being psychologically healthy, undergoing fewer satisfying moments in life.

Those who score high in Neuroticism were pointed by David C. Funder[4] to be more ineffective when under emotional pressure and while trying to find solutions (Bolger & Zuckerman, 1995; Ferguson, 2001), even more during social situations, when there’s a risk of having their reputation affected (Denissen & Penke, 2008). They also tend to be physically sick as higher they score (McCrae & Costa, 1991; D. Watson & Clark, 1984).


By: Regina Burde- “Someone who likes to explore human behavior, be it through the perspective of arts or science.”


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