Enneagram Type 9 (The Peacemaker)

The Peacemaker: We need one in every team and everywhere in the world. For example, Baron and Wagele (2009) shortly describe Type Nines as “motivated by the need to keep the peace, merge with others, and avoid conflict,” the world needs them to create and bring balance, just as much as we all need crisis and chaos to grow. Therefore, The Peacemakers are here to make everything better, to bring joy and stability.

Also, Peacemakers are here to observe, analyze, and fix what’s broken. Moreover, Riso and Hudson (1995) share a very detailed explanation of how Nines’ behavior works and how it can be a great asset in every team. Since Peacemakers are easygoing, self-effacing, accepting, trusting, and stable, they can reason a lot faster and better than any other personality type, they always think with a perfect of logic and empathy. Besides, they are good-natured, kind-hearted, and supportive of their mates. They are so emotionally wise that they can see when it will be better to use humor to maintain a peaceful environment.  Above all, they will avoid conflicts carefully; they don’t like useless disagreements, this is great, except when we find unhealthy Nine as, in that case, they can be complacent and minimize anything upsetting.

A Healthy Peacemaker is indomitable, all-embracing, can bring people together, and heal conflicts. That is to say, in “The Road Back to You: The Enneagram Journey to Self Discovery,” Morgan Cron and Stabile say that Peacemakers are: “Pleasant, laid back and accom­modating, they are motivated by a need to keep the peace.” Also, we’ve heard the same description from Riso and Hudson above, which in a way just proves that Nines are, and will be very reliable when it comes to their personality and abilities.

Now, we must mention the ordeals that may come along with unhealthy Nines. For example, Riso and Hudson (1987) are the ones that give us the bad news: unhealthy Nines will go too far to avoid all conflict, which sometimes may mean that they will overlook matters that may look like trouble. Also, Nines equate self-assertion with aggression; they feel that assertiveness sometimes threatens their union with others.  Additionally, they will repress their aggressive impulses to the point of ignoring them completely, which we know is emotionally unhealthy and may escalate in times of stress.

When Peacemakers inadvertently act aggressively, they simply deny it and work as if nothing happened, like it was a form of willful blindness. This dissociated behavior, along with their passivity and denials, could mean trouble if Nines are overworked and stressed. To avoid any issues, make sure you have one-on-one meetings with them, show they can trust you and that all humans err, and help them find the importance in the lessons of failure and times of crisis, they will appreciate this a lot and will pay in exceptional achievements.

By:  Dr. Graciela González Calderón-Psychologist



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