Duality Relationships

Duality Relationships will complement each other peacefully and make up for each other when one lacks ability or motivation; they work together and assume responsibilities along way beyond being partners. Lyme Stankevichyute says about Duality Relations in their work “Intertype relationship”: “The best and most necessary for man is the ratio of additions.” Referring to being complementary to each other and protect one another. Stankevichyute claims that being able to count on another helps us feel safe and secure, which in return will translate into “happy to work” and think in a place where trust and confidence prevails.

Duality Relations allow people to experience self-worth through teamwork and companionship because they know that their efforts will be appreciated. However, we need to understand that though between complementary is no conflict, there will be misunderstandings at some points as we are all humans. These misunderstandings are prone to occur at the beginning of the relationship but will get better in time.

Gulenko (1989) speaks about these fairly easy-going relations and refers to the primary matter, saying that “because of this lack of conflict, the result is that your dual pairs seem to fade into the background when amongst other people. They seem to be too simple and ordinary, and thus not deserving of your attention.” They can be merged too well with the background, and not in the right way.

Providing more insight about this matter, Gulenko later adds that because dual pairs rarely have conflicts, and that these are quickly and painlessly resolved, Douala not only fits into the background but may be hard to spot in the crowd. “Duale seems too simple and understandable, and therefore not worthy of attention,” he says.

Make sure they are cooperative with each other and discuss matters freely; this is key for a well-oiled communication machine amongst Duality relationships. Anatoly Grechinsky and Tatiana Pedan do share with us a bit of insight on this matter, saying that:

“We need a duality, we subconsciously expect and are aggressively seeking it and finding it surprised. What is happening to us? We become different: more confident, cheerful, kind, sympathetic, stronger, in a word, better, life – emotionally and intellectually richer or brighter.”

This insight is an honest point of view as it gives us proof of how essential Duality Relations are in everyday interactions and how these can provide projects with a humanistic approach to matters. Some other relationships might find not close to freely engaging.

To make us even more explicit about the great asset Dual Relations are to a team, Ekaterina Filatova, in her book “The Art to understand themselves and others” says:

“We have already mentioned that this – the most favorable combination of psychological types. Their relations are called dualization, or a full complement. It is obvious that any of us the most favorable relationship can arise is with the person from whom the asymmetry function is complementary.”

So, if you make sure you give them enough credit, value their efforts and avoid alienating their issues when they occur, Dual Relations provide a trusting and confident peace you can rely on at all times.

By:  Dr. Graciela González Calderón-Psychologist


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