How do you create the best workplace environment for LIE (ENTj)?

According to Gulenko V.V., the LIE personality as your employee strives for business clarity. Besides, he does not like to act without preparation and plans her events in advance. Moreover, this type of person can…

Are EII (INFj) trusted to perform management?

According to Ovcharov A.A., EIIs are reliable when it comes to management because they are also passionate and determined. This type prefers the “Democratic” management style in which they usually take the  "Delegatory" role. EIIs…

What are the best career choices for an INFJ personality?

According to Keirsey INFJs have the skills to become doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, or teachers, but above all, therapeutic counseling is the most suited profession for them. (David Keirsey,1998.)

What are the best career choices for an ESTJ personality?

ESTJs have a natural inclination for business and industry, production, and construction. They can perform as outstanding administrators. (Isabel Briggs Myers and Peter B. Myers, 1980.)